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Sustainlabour :: Biodiversity and the World of Work

Biodiversity and the World of Work

Biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation is increasing globally as shown by all available indicators. The employment effects of this loss are unfortunately increasingly evident: the increasing loss of forest directly affects workers and communities that depend on the products of these ecosystems. The degradation of wetlands, coral reefs and marine biodiversity impacts not only fishing communities, but also the entire value chain of the sector. The increasing number of endangered species has direct consequences on the poorest, whose incomes are dependent on these resources.

Infrastructure development, overexploitation of resources, pollution, and an increasingly unsustainable agriculture, livestock and fisheries are among the main reasons for this degradation.

However, reversing this process will not only be beneficial for the ecosystems that every one of us depend on, but will become a new source of green job creation.

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