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Sustainlabour :: Keys to full participation in collective bargaining

Keys to full participation in collective bargaining

Collective bargaining for sustainable development. Group coordinated by Dominique Olivier (CFDT) and Sidnei Corral (UGT Brazil).

To progress towards sustainable development is essential democratic decision-making democracy to become a reality, even at the workplace. Collective bargaining is essential to ensure companies economic sustainability and social sustainability, ensuring better working conditions and wages. Although collective bargaining traditionally focuses on wages and working time, certain qualitative factors such as training, working conditions, pensions, occupational health, hazardous materials or environmental risk begin to be part of it.

Trade unions have shown they are ready to expand its scoop of ​​action and recognize the limits of materials and resources exploitation. Environmental issues have become the main object of trade union strategies and the have balanced the market capital approaches with social and environmental elements. Trade unions, as a counterweight to capital, are precisely placed to incorporate aspects derived from a new externality: resources. In this context the collective bargaining may be critical to sustainability.

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